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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Film Neu Strikes Just the Right Chords - with younger folks at least

So to the guy last night who was upset that following the film, the credits were stopped for the interview with the lead actor, I have the perfect solution. Go see A Separation. Besides being a great movie - it will probably win the foreign film Oscar - its credits roll over the end of the story. No leading actor would dare stop it. In fact, it was a strange Q&A last night following Westwind, a lovely, coming-of-age, just before-the-Wall-falls-down story that opened the 20th Film Neu German Film Festival. The older people were upset that love triumphed and nobody died; that wasn't what it was like, they said. Emcee and renowned film buff Eddie Cockrell apologized later for his poor choice of words, though I think he was fine. Those people just wanted dark. It's one of my favorite festivals because you can really get up close and semi-personal with the actors and directors. We met lead actor Franz Dinda yesterday at the reception and he was a delight. He said he cherished this role because it was such a good script. Opportunities do not come every day in the German cinema world, so you take what you can get. When it's good, that's a privilege.
Our group - the ArtHouse - will be going again on Tuesday night to see a film titled  Black Brown White that has garnered excellent reviews on the festival circuit. Join us if you can or go Wednesday to see a Swiss horror film or Thursday's closing for the German version of Sex in the City party 2 from the male point of view. It's a German box office smash! Back tomorrow for a discussion of A Separation.

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