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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Few Disappointments with Oscar Nominations

The Oscar nominations finally did come out yesterday with not many surprises. I had a few disappointments:
1) that Martin Sheen did not get nominated for The Way; instead, Demian Bichir got nominated for A Better Life. Who?
2) that Win Win did not receive a best picture nomination.  It just seems like a picture can not come out early in the year and expect any nominations. Tree of Life? Extremely Loud...? Please.
3) It would have been nice for Margin Call to get a best picture nomination, but one for original screenplay seemed acceptable.
4) that Bill Cunningham New York was not one of the five finalists for best documentary.
5) that A Separation did not receive a best picture nomination. It also got stuck in the Original Screenplay category.
I'm glad The Artist and Midnight in Paris got all those nominations. And I hope Michelle Williams wins best actress. Demian Bichir?

1 comment:

  1. What about Hugo? Have you even seen it? Forget The Artist or did you mean Artest?
    How about a Scorcese film festival? Hugo rocks.
    Go Giants!