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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The wonder of Monsieur Lazhar and a free Monday reception

I had the privilege of seeing Monsieur Lazhar yesterday. I think it resonates on many levels, primarily the idea that we all need or seek an outlet for emotions, our longings, our conversation. After a tragedy at the school, he is able to provide that outlet for the students, and, of course, suffers for it from parents and administrators. I was with a new friend the other night and the conversation was nice but it was on the perimeter of everything important.  I guess it takes time to develop but still I'm sure we all have good friends that we still don't delve into important matters with.  Communication. We need it and yet can hardly do it. The film is done with such a light and beautiful touch. It's ironic that I skipped the National Geographic's 5 Oscar-nominated foreign films this year - after last year's subpar group - and the 3 that I have now seen (A Separation, Footnote and Monsieur Lazhar) are all wonderful. The other two - Bullhead and In Darkness - I have heard great things about but are much rougher around the edges. Please try to get to see Lazhar.

This Monday, April 30, there will be a nice opening reception at the Inter American Development Bank, 1300 New York Ave., NW. It's for an Argentinian artist named Beatriz Luna and begins at 6 pm.

Today is the last day to see the Raoul Wallenberg exhibit at the House of Sweden on the Georgetown Waterfront. It's an excellent chance to be at this beautiful place on a nice afternoon - it's open til 5.

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