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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Great Bluesy Swing, Cricket, Films, Phillips, Filling Up with Wine!

Excitement pervades the air these days as we hit August, meaning September and the full start of the cultural season. Here are some upcoming events that stand out:

** Friend of Ronndezvous Brian Gross and his Mojo Hands plays the Spanish Ballroom at Golen Echo on Sunday night. They always do a good job of getting everyone jumping and jiving on the dance floor.
**Also Sunday at the Source Theater on 14th Street, as part of their all-day festival, there will be a Wine & Cheese at 4pm with all the resident theater companies. One of those, the Washington Improv folks who I saw do a hilarious show on St. Patricks Day, are doing an all-weekend Improvalooza.
**Screen on the Green Monday night is the classic On the Waterfront with Marlon Brando. Email if you need a group to join up with.
**Tuesday back at the DCJCC is another movie/reception - Four Seasons Lodge, a documentary about a group of Holocaust survivors in the Catskills. We will have a group for that. It's $10. At last Thursday's reception, they opened up the steps on 16th Street, and it was awesome sitting there sipping wine on a summer night.
**The Phillips Collection continues its First Thursday evening celebrations - highly recommended.
**Next week's First Friday already shapes up to be a good one. Printmakers features its National Small Works show - they are on a roll lately! There are annual All-Members Show at the Foundry and Studio.

That film we saw on Thursday, Turn Left at the the End of the World, turned out to be artsy, interesting, a nice mix of cultures....and a bit pornographic. Yikes! What was that movie a few years ago where Elle McPherson, Tara Fitzgerald (well, she always took her shirt off) and other pretty women all undressed in the name of an Artsy Movie? That's right, SIrens. This was like that. It also used Cricket as a funny way to show the difference in cultures. This was also done in Bend It Like Beckham, Finding Neverland, Wondrous Oblivion and by far, the best of them all, Seducing Doctor Lewis. If you have not seen this, rent it. It's a riot! But why not croquet?

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